Otway Pastures is not a multinational it’s a small company 100% owned by 4 Victorian farming families with a common goal.

Our milk is single origin..
meaning that unlike most milk it is not blended with milk from any pastures but our own.

By buying our milk you are not only showing your support for dairy farmers but for the environment, our animals and in return getting a great tasting quality healthy product.

It’s all about the future, keeping family farms viable and leaving behind a better world for our children.

Our Milk

  • No preservatives

  • Permeate free

  • Additive free

  • Deliciously creamy

  • Single Origin beautiful Otways region

  • 100% Farmer owned

  • Natural and sustainable farming

  • Carbon and environment friendly

  • Free range healthy happy cows

Reduced Fat Milk

98% Fat Free

Delicious and tasty, with just 2% fat and our great Otway Pastures taste.

Full Cream Milk

96% Fat Free

You might not realise it, but our full cream milk has only 3.6% fat – so very little! So we say drink up and enjoy.

Meet Our Farmers

Get to know our busy, friendly Otway Pastures farming families.

Davis Family

Reggie, Tanya, Hayley, Lachie, Ebony & Chloe

McGlade Family

Tim, Sally, Billy, Jack, Hannah & Aimee

Van Donk Family

Pete, Libby, Lilli, Ella, Emily & Adam

Whiting Family

Andrew, Linda, Harrison, Olivia, Cooper & Ellen